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Student Affairs


Department of Student Welfare is an important department ofThe Assam Royal Global University catering to the student welfare activities and dedicated to enhancing the overall student experience outside the classroom. The objectives of DSW includes holistic development, community building, essential support services, skill development, and nurtures leadership qualities and teamwork through various programmes and activities.

Key Functions and Responsibilities

1. Student Support:

  • Counselling: Providing mental health support, counselling, and therapy.
  • Health Services: Offering medical care, health education, and wellness programmes.

2. Residential Life:

  • Housing and Accommodation: Managing on-campus housing and assisting with off-campus housing resources.
  • Residential Programmes: Organizing activities and programs to build community among residents.

3. Student Activities and Organizations:

  • Clubs: Supporting various student clubs and interest groups.
  • Leadership Development: Offering leadership training and development opportunities through departments and Student Council.

4. Career Guidance:

  • Career Counselling: Assisting students with career planning and job search strategiesthrough Royal Centre for Corporate Relations.
  • Internships and Job Placements: Connecting students with internship and employment opportunities.

5. Diversity and Inclusion:

  • Cultural Programmes: Promoting diversity and inclusion through events, fests, and programmes.
  • Support for Marginalized Groups: Providing resources and support for underrepresented student groups through different scholarships.

6. Academic Support:

  • Tutorial and Remedial support: Offering academic assistance through remedial and tutorial classes.

7. Student Conduct and Discipline:

  • Code of Conduct: Enforcing the university's code of conduct and handling disciplinary matters.
  • Conflict Resolution: Mediating conflicts and providing support for dispute resolution.

8. Campus Safety and Security:

  • Safety: Implementing safety protocols and emergency response plans.
  • Security Services: Ensuring the physical security of the campus with 24X7 campus security in the form of digital and manual surveillance.

9. Extra-curricular activity:

  • Sports and Fitness: Offering sports facilities, fitness programs, and intramural sports.
  • Outdoor Activities: Organizing outdoor recreational activities, field trips and extension activities.
  • Club activities:The 33 Clubs of the University function under the aegis of Student Affairs cater to the different co-curricular and extra-curricular aspects of the University.

Student Affairs plays a pivotal role in shaping the university experience, contributing to student well-being, academic success, and personal growth.