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Guest House

Currently The Assam Royal Global University has two (2) Guest houses with in the campus for University Guests and its staff members. The main Guest House is for the VVIP who visits the University on different purposes. It whichhas a total of six (6) well-furnished rooms including two suite rooms with all the modern amenities attached to it. Another Guest House namely “Royal Kutir”which has been recently inaugurated has 14 well-furnished roomsfor both double and single occupancy, this guest house is for general guest coming to the university on different occasions. Both the Guest houses have safe and clean surroundings and is managed by helpful staff who attend to our guests at all hours.

Booking of room(s) in the guest house is subjected to availability of rooms and approval by the Vice Chancellor/Executive Vice President/ Registrar or any other competent authority.The allotment of rooms shall be generally on the “first-come, first-served” basis.The Guest House accommodation is available under the following categories:

  • University Guests
  • Resource person & Visiting Faculty
  • New Joining Faculty
  • Participants come for different seminars and workshops
  • Any other guests as approved by the Competent Authority