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First Convocation

The first convocation of RGU was held on 30th March 2022 at the University Campus in Guwahati where 1723 students have been conferred their Degrees from the following batches:

Postgraduate - Class of 2019 (2017-19), Class of 2020 (2018-20), Class of 2021 (2019-21)

Undergraduate - Class of 2020 (2017-20), Class of 2021 (2018-21)



RGU confers 1723 degrees in First Convocation

The first Convocation of the Assam Royal Global University (RGU) was held on March 30, 2022 on the campus of the university at Betkuchi, Guwahati. 1723 students belonging to the years 2019,2020 and 2021 have been conferred their graduate and post graduate degrees and diplomas. Three very distinguished personalities of the country were honored in the convocation with the honorary degrees. Professor C.N.R. Rao, FRS has been conferred the D.Sc. honoris causa for his lifelong commitment to science and invaluable contribution towards the growth of scientific research in the country. Professor Nagen Saikia, eminent litterateur received the D.Litt. honoris causa for his critically acclaimed work in the field of Assamese literature and for his distinguished contribution to society, culture and polity. The D.Litt. honoris causa was also conferred on Shri.SajjanBhajanka, an eminent industrialist, educator and social worker for his outstanding contribution for entrepreneurial development in the Northeast India.

The solemn ceremony of the convocation, attended by more than 4000 invited guests including many distinguished academicians of the country and the graduating students, was declared open by the Chancellor of the University Dr. A. K. Pansari. In his address, Dr. Pansari stated that the idea of establishing the RGU has been driven by a spirit of philosophy and service to the society. Emphasizing on values, positive attitude, skill and an open mind of the students Dr.Pansari advised the graduating students to strive for becoming good human beings with commitment and integrity. Congratulating the graduating students, Professor Jagdish Mukhi, the Governor of Assam who is the Visitor of the RGU emphasized upon making quality education inclusive in the country. He called upon the students “to introspect and ponder the value of their degrees and diplomas for addressing the challenges of the outside world”. Professor Mukhi in his address made special reference to the exceptional resilience displayed by the university by effectively resorting to the digital platforms for the transaction of academic activities during the disruptive Covid 19 pandemic.

Attending the convocation as the Guest of Honor, Professor Yogesh Singh, Vice Chancellor of Delhi University delivered the convocation address. In his address, Professor Singh called upon the graduating students to contribute towards nation building with strong moral character. He also stated that our youth must empower them with the knowledge and skill of the latest technology.

Professor (Dr.) S.P. Singh, the Vice Chancellor of the university while mentioning about the development of the university over the last few years since its inception, stated that the university has made remarkable progress both in the development of infrastructure and in academic progression. The university which started in 2017 with 553 students, 82 faculties, today have more than 4000 students and over 276 faculty members, 41% of whom, have PhD degrees, Professor Singh added. He also mentioned that several very senior distinguished academicians of the state and outside, among whomthere are several former Vice Chancellors who are associated with the RGU as Advisors and emeritus Professors.




Recipients of Gold Medals

# Student Name Course UG/PG Batch Gold
1Syeda Tabasum SirinDiploma Interior DesignDiploma2018Gold
2Nibharani PathakMA EnglishPG2017Gold
3Punam AgarwallaMBAPG2017Gold
4Papuli KonwarM.Sc ChemistryPG2017Gold
5Upasana ChowdhuryM.Sc PhysicsPG2017Gold
6Samima YasminM.Tech CEPG2017Gold
7Pinaj AhmedaMA EconomicsPG2018Gold
8Nukshilemla JamirMA HistoryPG2018Gold
9Kechanguno PeseyieMA Pol.ScPG2018Gold
10Swagata DasMA EnglishPG2018Gold
11Rifa DekaMA JMCPG2018Gold
12Adrija BiswasMBAPG2018Gold
13Pranay Pratik GoswamiM.Sc BiotechnologyPG2018Gold
14Himakshi KalitaM.Sc BotanyPG2018Gold
15Debraj ChowdhuryM.Sc ZoologyPG2018Gold
16Kamal DasM.Sc ChemistryPG2018Gold
17Susmita PaulM.Sc PhysicsPG2018Gold
18Akan ChoudhuryM.Tech ConstructionPG2018Gold
19Bonnie SarmaLLMPG2018Gold
20Igo LollenM.Sc EVSPG2018Gold
21Utpal Chandra BoroM.Tech EEPG2018Gold
22Deeksha ShrivastavaLLMPG2019Gold
23Trishna NahataM.Sc BioctechnologyPG2019Gold
24Ashish DuttaM.Sc MicrobiologyPG2019Gold
25Shamulailatpam Nivash SharmaM.A HistoryPG2019Gold
26Anshumi DuttaM.A Political SciencePG2019Gold
27Deify Bakordor SutingM.A EnglishPG2019Gold
28Samayeeta SinghaM.A GeographyPG2019Gold
29Silky SharmaMBAPG2019Gold
30Jyotirmay Nath M.Sc BotanyPG2019Gold
31Jyoti AgrahariM.Sc ZoologyPG2019Gold
32Bhabana SarmaM.Sc ChemistryPG2019Gold
33Minhajul NazaratM.Sc PhysicsPG2019Gold
34Nilakshi BuragohainM.ComPG2019Gold
35Medozonuo Ruth KelioM.Tech CE (WRDM)PG2019Gold
36Dilip Kumar BorahLLMPG2020Gold
37Rizwana AhmedBA Applied PsychologyUG2017Gold
38Nicita DasBA PsychologyUG2017Gold
39Veno RudupraBA SociologyUG2017Gold
40Nayanika SaikiaBA EnglishUG2017Gold
41Urvi MangalBBAUG2017Gold
42Shubhangi AgarwalB.ComUG2017Gold
43Violina DasB.Sc PhysicsUG2017Gold
44Bhavna ChoudharyBsc ChemisryUG2017Gold
45Chandan LadhaBCAUG2017Gold
46Shruti Barna SharmaB.Tech CEUG2017Gold
47Kristin BorgohainB.Tech CSEUG2017Gold
48Plabon BoruahB.Tech MEUG2017Gold
49Atul SinghB.Tech ECEUG2017Gold
50Smarasmika BaruahBA PsychologyUG2018Gold
51Chunglitong JamirBA Political ScienceUG2018Gold
52Krishnani KonwarBA SociologyUG2018Gold
53Sreosi SarkarBA EnglishUG2018Gold
54Dheemaan GargBA JMCUG2018Gold
55Sruti AgarwalBBAUG2018Gold
56Babli ShilBCAUG2018Gold
57Prachi Mour B.ComUG2018Gold
58Subham SinhaB.Sc BiotechnologyUG2018Gold
59Priyanka DasB.Sc ZoologyUG2018Gold
60Fiza Chowdhury B.Sc TTMUG2018Gold
61Namrata NandiBA EconomicsUG2018Gold

Recipients of Silver Medals

# Student Name Course UG/PG Batch Silver
1Monmi HazarikaMA EnglishPG2017Silver
2Neha LohiaMBAPG2017Silver
3Lima ChetiaM.Sc ChemistryPG2017Silver
4Bhaskar Jyoti BorahM.Sc PhysicsPG2017Silver
5LawmsangpuiaMA EconomicsPG2018Silver
6Katimongla ImchenMA HistoryPG2018Silver
7Priyanka SarmahMA Pol.ScPG2018Silver
8Elizabeth MisaoMSWPG2018Silver
9Himashri KumarMA EnglishPG2018Silver
10Nilakshi Moni DaimaryMA JMCPG2018Silver
11Nilankar MukherjeeMBAPG2018Silver
12Pinki Kumari SinghM.Sc BiotechnologyPG2018Silver
13Bishali DuttaM.Sc BotanyPG2018Silver
14Nita SahaM.Sc ZoologyPG2018Silver
15Koushik Kumar SahaM.Sc ChemistryPG2018Silver
16Sabnam Tehrina AhmedM.Sc PhysicsPG2018Silver
17Anu PamyangM.Tech ConstructionPG2018Silver
18Niharika HandiqueLLMPG2018Silver
19Ratnapriya ChoudhuryLLMPG2019Silver
20Vasundhara WangkhemM.Sc BioctechnologyPG2019Silver
21Pallavi NeogM.Sc MicrobiologyPG2019Silver
22Habiba Rashul AminM.A HistoryPG2019Silver
23Nistha TalukdarM.A Political SciencePG2019Silver
24Bhanita KalitaM.A EnglishPG2019Silver
25Hironmoyee BoroM.A GeographyPG2019Silver
26Anuran BordoloiMBAPG2019Silver
27Sokir Ahmed UsmaniM.Sc BotanyPG2019Silver
28Divya ToppoM.Sc ZoologyPG2019Silver
29Bhupoti PatgiriM.Sc ChemistryPG2019Silver
30Sakera KhatunM.Sc PhysicsPG2019Silver
31Dr Rathindra BhuyanLLMPG2020Silver
32Archita BaruaBA Applied PsychologyUG2017Silver
33Nirdeshika JainBA PsychologyUG2017Silver
34Annisha MahantaBA SociologyUG2017Silver
35Subhalaxmi Dutta BoraBA EnglishUG2017Silver
36Tanvi BaidBBAUG2017Silver
37Mohini MittalB.ComUG2017Silver
38Pritam SaikiaB.Sc PhysicsUG2017Silver
39Princhi NgathemB.Tech CEUG2017Silver
40Sushmita TalukdarB.Tech CSEUG2017Silver
41Jyotishman SaikiaB.Tech MEUG2017Silver
42Ridhika AgarwalBA PsychologyUG2018Silver
43Himangshu GogoiBA Political ScienceUG2018Silver
44Dristi Darsana KashyapBA SociologyUG2018Silver
45Firoza KauserBA EnglishUG2018Silver
46Rudrani SharmaBBAUG2018Silver
47Hazel SawnaniBCAUG2018Silver
48Pranita SahaB.ComUG2018Silver
49Khyatismita ChoudhuryB.Sc BiotechnologyUG2018Silver
50Hima RabhaB.Sc ZoologyUG2018Silver
51Ronchakoh Tikhak B.Sc TTMUG2018Silver

Achievers in the Co-curricular category

# Student Name Course UG/PG Batch Award
1Mebanshan ShadapMBAPG2020Sanwarmal Modi Award for Excellence in Cultural Activities
2Shibangi Rattna BaruahBA (H) PsychologyUG2020Sanwarmal Modi Award for Excellence in Cultural Activities
3Nukshilemla JamirMA HistoryPG2020Basudeo Pansari Award for Excellence in Community Service
4Parishmita BaruahMA EnglishPG2021Gini Devi Pansari Award for Excellence in Literary Activities
5Namrata NandiBA EconomicsUG2021Gini Devi Pansari Award for Excellence in Literary Activities
6Syeda Zeriffa NaimBFAUG2021Sanwarmal Modi Award for Excellence in Cultural Activities

Recipients of the Chancellor's Gold Medal

# Student Name Course UG/PG Batch
1Upasana ChowdhuryM.Sc. PhysicsPG2019
2Rifa DekaMA J & McPG2020
3Veno RudupraBA (H) SociologyUG2020
4Nilakshi BuragohainM.ComPG2021
5Namrata NandiBA (H) EconomicsUG2021

The honorary degrees were conferred on the following distinguised personalities

Professor C.N.R. Rao, FRSD.Sc. honoris causa
Professor Nagen Saikia, eminent litterateurD.Litt. honoris causa
Shri.Sajjan Bhajanka, an eminent industrialist, educator and social workerD.Litt. honoris causa