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University Logo


The new brand identity (logo) of Royal Global University which is a combination of the globe, students and the colours Blue and Orange symbolizes positivity and encouragement for success with wisdom and creativity. The optimistic colours Blue and Orange are reflections of Royal Global University’s innovative and progressive mindset with the determination to impart the best and rise above the rest, thus creating a transformative educational experience for the students.

The six hands of the students, reaching beyond the globe, represent ‘transcending boundaries’, standing for wisdom, confidence, intelligence, creativity, determination, and truthfulness; by engaging with partners outside the traditional borders of the university campus.
None of the elements should be altered in any form. Use only the digital artwork provided at Do not redraw or alter the logo of the University in any way.


Our logo Colours are Pumpkin Orange (HEX=#D5582A) White (HEX=#FFFFFF) and Deep Blue (HEX=#27467A). No other Logo Colours are acceptable.



R = 39 G = 70 B = 122

R = 96% M = 80% Y = 26% K = 11%

HEX = #27467A



R = 213 G = 88 B = 42

R = 11% M = 79% Y = 98% K = 2%

HEX = #D5582A



R = 255 G = 255 B = 255

R = 0% M = 0% Y = 0% K = 0%


Clear Space

Clear space is the area surrounding the logo that must be kept free of competing text or graphic elements. Leaving space around the logo ensures that it will stand out appropriately and that other words or graphics will not appear to be part of, or “locked up” with, the logo. No additional text or graphic element should encroach on this space.

The logo files available for download at include the minimum clear space. Maintain clear space when placing the logo near the edges, or any other design element.


Incorrect Usage

Maintaining the integrity of the Royal Global University logo is key to building a strong identity. It must be presented in a consistent and legible manner. Do not alter the logo in any way by changing or adding elements or using only portions of it. Never change the logo’s colour or warp or distort it. Do not create a custom logo for specific purposes. This dilutes our identity. Use only the University-approved Logo file available for download in our website

1. Do not change the colours of the Logo.
2. Do not change the proportions of the Logo elements.
3. Do not change the fonts and sizes of the Text in the Logo.
4. Text in the Logo is in English only, no other language other than English should be used.
5. Do not reduce the clear space when using the logo.