Equal Opportunities Cell

The Equal Opportunities Cell, RGU now consists of the following members:

Prof. (Dr.) S.P. Singh

Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, RGU- Chairperson

Prof. (Dr.) A. K. Buragohain

Chairperson (Academics)-Advisor

Prof. (Dr.) Krishna Barua

Professor, RSL- Member

Dr. Susmita Hazarika

Assistant Professor, Department. of History, RSHSS-Member

Dr. Rumi Ahmed

Assistant Professor, RSLA- Member

Dr. Himasnata Dutta Sarkar

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, RSHSS

Dr. S. Walling, Assistant Professor

Department of Physiotherapy, RSMAS

Mr. Rajdeep Deb

Assistant Professor, Department of Geology, RSEES- Member

Note: The present body will be in function till 9th December, 2022.

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