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Royal School of Engineering & Technology (RSET)

Prof. (Dr.) Ankur Ganguly, Professor & i/cDean
Ph.D. (Jadavpur University); M.Tech. in Bio-medical Engineering (Manipal Institute of Technology, MAHE); B.E. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Mangalore University)
Research papers: International 32, National 3
Papers in Conferences : International 17, National 14
Contribution to books: 03
Patents: 06 (published)
Experience: 20 years (Academic); 1 year (Industry)

Prof. (Dr.) Bibha Das Saikia, Professor & Advisor to the dept.
Former Principal, Assam Engineering College
Ph.D. (IIT Kanpur), M.E. (IIT Roorkee), B.E. (GU)
Publications in Journals: 20 (National and International)
Experience: 42 years (teaching)

Ms. Vanita Agrawal, Assistant Professor & Advisor
Ph.D. (Pursuing), M.E. (GU), LL.B. (GU), B.E. (MNNIT, Allahabad).
Publications in Journals: 1 International
Experience: 8 years (academic)
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Prof. (Dr.) Arnab Sarma, M.ASCE, F.IWRS, F.IAH, Professor & HoD
Formerly Dean and Director, Kaziranga University
Ph.D. (Water Resources Engg, Mendel University, Czech Republic), M.E. (Irrigation, College of Technology & Engg., Udaipur, India), B.Tech. (KCAET, Kerala)
Publications in Journals: 8 National, 9 International
Experience: 24 years National, 4 years International
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Dr. Shehnaz Ara Rahman, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (NIT Silchar), M.Tech (NIT), B.Tech (ICFAI)
GATE Qualified
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Mr. Rishikesh Duara – Assistant Professor & Coordinator
M.S in Structural Engineering (University at Buffalo-State University of New York), B.Tech. (VIT University, Vellore)
Publications in Journals: 2 International
Experience: 3.7 years( Academic),2 years (Industry)

Ms. Antara Banerjee, Assistant Professor
ME in Design of Civil Structures (Dibrugarh University), BE (Gauhati University)
Publications in journals: 5
Experience: 10 years (academic)

Mr. Bhabatosh Hazarika, Assistant Professor
M.Tech. (NIT Hamirpur), B.E (Gauhati University), GATE Qualified
Publications in journals: 5
Experience: 2 years( Academics), 1.6 years (Industry)

Mr. Chandra Upadhyaya, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Pursuing), M.Tech. (IIT Guwahati), B.E. (GU), GATE Qualified
Experience: 17 years (academics), 10 years (industry)
Email ID:

Ms. Raisa Tamsin Hussain, Assistant Professor
M.E. (Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand), B.Tech (ADTU)
Experience: 1 year(Academic),1 year(Industry)
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Mr. Rajesh Deb – Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Pursuing), M.E (AEC), B.E (AEC)
Publications: 1
Experience: 6 years(academics )3.3 years (industry)

Mr. Yudhajit Dey, Assistant Professor & Coordinator
Ph.D. (Pursuing), M.E in Geotechnical Engineering (Gauhati University), B.E. (Gauhati University)
Publications in Journals: 5
Experience: 9 Years (academic)
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Ms.Jemina Yasmin, Lecturer
M.Tech. in Civil Engineering (Tezpur University);B.Tech. in Civil Engineering(Assam Don Bosco University)
Publications in Journals: 5
Experience: 9 Years (academic)
Email ID:


Dr. Anupam Das, Associate Professor and Coordinator
Ph.D. (GU), Computer Sc (GU), MSc. in Mathematics (GU), BSc. (GU), DOEACC-A Level
Publications in Journals: 30 International
Chapters in Books: 4
Books Written: 13
Experience: 18 Years (academics), 0 years (industry)
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Dr. Samarjit Das, Associate Professor
Ph.D. (G.U.), M.Phil. (VMU),MCA (SMU),B.Ed.(G.U.),M.Sc. (G.U.)
Publications in Journals : 15(International)
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Dr. Israfil Hussain, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., M.Tech. (NIT, Silchar), B.E. (BPTU).
Publications in Journals: 8 International
Experience: 7 years (Academics)
Email ID:

Dr.Sumi Kankana Dewan, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., M.Tech. (TU), B.E. (DU)
UGC NET qualified
Experience: 2.5 years (academic)
3 international journal
Email ID:

Ms. Ankita Goyal Agarwal, Assistant Professor
M.Tech. in IT (Tezpur University); B.Tech. in IT (NEHU)
Publication in Journals: 03
Experience: 5.5 (Academics)
Email ID:

Ms. Antara Malakar, Assistant Professor
M.Tech. (SMU), B.E (VPU)
Publications: 2 International
Experience: 5 years (academics)

Ms. Gitimoni Talukdar, Assistant Professor
M.Tech (ADBU) , B.E (GU) .
Publications in Journals: 3 International, 2 National
Experience: 6 years (academic)

Ms. Ishita Chakraborty, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (pursuing), M.Tech. (NERIST), B.E. (Sathyabama Univ.)
Publications: 3 International, 1 National
Experience: 6 years (academic)
Email ID:

Ms. Meghna Saikia, Assistant Professor
M.Tech (Tezpur University), B.Tech (ADBU),GATE Qualified
Email ID:

Mr. Nayan Jyoti Kalita, Assistant Professor
M.Tech (TU), B.E (GU)
Publications: 3 International, 1 National
Experience: 7 years (academics)
Email ID:

Ms. Nilakshi Deka, Assistant Professor
Pursuing Ph.D. (Gauhati University); M.Tech. (GU), B.E. (DU)
Experience- 7 years (Academics)
Email ID:

Ms. Pallabi Goswami, Assistant Professor
MCA (Cotton University), B.Sc. (Cotton University), NET Qualified

Mr. Parag Jyoti Das, Assistant Professor
M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering(IIT Guwahati),B.Tech (ASTU)
Experience- 7 months(academics)

Mr. Saurabh Sutradhar, Assistant Professor & Co-cordinator
M.Tech. (Pondicherry Univ.), B.Tech. (TU)
Experience: 5 years (academic)

Ms. Afsana Laskar, Lecturer
Publications in Journals: 1 International
Research Interest:
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Ms. Pritishma Konwar, Lecturer
M.Tech. (GU), BE (RGU)
Research Interest:
Email ID:

Ms. Rashmi Choudhury, Lecturer
M. Tech (GU), BE (GU)
Articles: 2
Experience: 3 Years & 2 Months (Industrial), 1 Year & 8 Months (Academic)
Email ID:

Mr. Spandan Kumar Borthakur, Lecturer
M.Tech (NERIST), B.Tech (BPUT, Rourkela, Odisha)
Publications: 1 International


Mr. Ashok Talukdar, Assistant Professor
M.E. (DU), B.E. (DU)
Experience: 7.5 years (academic), 5 years (industry).
Email ID:

Mr. Biswajit Choudhury, Assistant Professor and Coordinator
M.E. (GU), B.E. (Anna Univ.)
Experience: 8.5 years (academic)
Email ID:

Mr. Zunaid Ahmed, Assistant Professor
M.E. (GU), B.E. (GU)
Publications in Journals: 2 International, 1 National
Experience: 11 years (Academics), 8 years (Industry)
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