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Royal School of Behavioral & Allied Sciences (RSBAS)


Dr. Jwmwishree Boro, Assistant Professor & Coordinator
Ph.D. (Pondicherry University), MA in Applied psychology (Pondicherry University) BA (Gauhati University)
Publications in Journals: 2 (National)
Experience: 2 year ( Academic) 9 months (Others)
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Dr.Mahuya Deb, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Tripura University), MA in Clinical Psychology (Dibrugarh University), BA(Dibrugarh University)
Publications in Journals: 1 (National), 1 (International)
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Dr. Queen Deka, Assistant Professor
PhD (GU), Masters in Psychology (GU)
Publications in Journals: 1 National
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Dr. Tahera Hoque Mazumdar, Assistant Professor
Ph.D (GU), M.A. in Psychology (GU), MSc. in Human Development (Jadavpur University)
Publications in Journals: 3
Articles/Other Publications: 3
Books Chapters contributed: 3
Experience: 1.5 Years (Academic)
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Ms. Jahnabi Mahanta, Assistant Professor
MA (Jain University), BA(Bangalore University)
Publications in Journals: 1 (National), 1 (International)
Experience: 5 years (Academic)
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Anamika Basumatary, Teaching Assistant
MA (NERIM), BA (Gauhati University)
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