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Dr. Mitrajit Deb

Assistant Professor & Coordinator

Ph.D. ( Assam University)

Dr. Mitrajit Deb, Assistant Professor & Coordinator

PhD with 6 years of research experience in Eastern Himalayas and Indo Burmaregion.

3+ years’ experience in teaching BSc and MSc Zoology; MSc Specialization- Ecology

Industry experience: 3 years in MOEF&CC Centre of Excellence and DST SIRO

Masters Dissertation Guideship: 2022 (11 students) 2021 (18 students); 2020 (18 students)

Experienced in environmental education, biodiversity assessment & monitoring, socio- economic studies and related project management, monitoring andevaluation

Published research papers/book-chapter in national and internationaljournals

Presented research work in a various National/ International Conferences andseminars