Manpreet Singh Kalsi

    Royal School of Engineering & Technology (Batch of 2014-18)
    Business Development Associate
    BYJU'S- The Learning App

    "I take this opportunity to thank everyone at Royal Global University who has played a role, small or big, in helping me achieve where I stand today, to aid in my growth and inspiring me to be the best version of myself. I bestow all the due credits to our University for helping me choose from a range of options, for enabling me to crack the placements with flying colours and make the best possible decision; it is indeed a moment of great privilege and pride for me to be associated with a very renowned corporation today."

    Pranjali Roy Choudhury

    Royal School of Commerce (Batch 2015-2018)
    EY – GDS (Ernst & Young)

    "Royal Global University is not only an Institute but a family. It not only helped me grow but also pampered me from time to time. Royal taught me discipline & to be patient. Thanks to all the faculty members who had helped me reach this far. Special thanks to the training & placement team for encouraging me to appear for this interview at EY and also to my other teachers who believed in me."

    Sourav Debnath

    B.Tech Civil Engineering (2014-2018)
    Site Engineer
    Kohinoor Plastech

    "A special thanks with all gratitude in my heart to Royal Global University. This place, the respected faculties, and everyone else have played a great role in building my career and mentoring me. RGU provides its every student with all support and guidance like it provided me and ultimately built my career by placing me in Kohinoor Plastech as a Site Engineer."

    Santanu Hazarika

    Creative doodler/ Illustrator
    Dilate ink, Redbull

    "What had impacted me the most, during my time in royal, was the discipline in Engineering Drawing. The subject Engineering drawing and machine drawing inculcated discipline in my art ,which I badly needed .Little did I know that this intensely toiling subject was helping me achieve something which it was not intended for . Apart from studies , I met a lot of great people ! All my friends were really supportive and I got to learn a lot from them .I’m very grateful for the inspiration and the circumstances that were brought upon me during my time in Royal , unknowingly it was shaping me to become someone far beyond my expectations ."

    Parle Products Pvt.Ltd.

    "The students of Royal Group of Institutions have very good analytical skills. They are hardworking and sincere."

    Infinity Townships Pvt.Ltd.

    "The students recruited from Royal Group of Institutions are very hardworking and sincere. All are extremely dedicated to their work."

    Hindustan Unilever Network

    Hindustan Unilever Limited, Network division recently made new forays in the different sectors of personal care and salon industry, augmenting the requirement of local talents to nurture the business. Having scouted several B Schools, Royal School of Business provided some exciting fresh talents. This breed of new go getters underwent rigorous rounds of presentations and interviews. Each of them displayed different flavours in their work style. With every training session they are maturing in every aspect of delivery and interpersonal dynamics. They are methodical with a special skill to blend the business with the specific requirements of different areas. They approach the market with a grit and determination and sweat it out in the sun to develop a thorough understanding of the different markets. So far the ride has been smooth and enjoyable. Fruits of their labour is destined to brighten their future.

    Kausiki Phukan

    Officer Trainee
    Lava International (P) Ltd., Noida

    "I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to each and every member associated with Royal School of Engineering & Technology. Guided by some of ‘the best’ faculties, these 4 years have been the best phase of my life. And, it gave a perfect start to my career. Lava International Ltd., my first job…And for this I must thank the entire Placement team, specially, to Chandrani ma’m and Pahi Ma’m. It has been almost a month since I joined the product team of this company and I must say, nothing could have been better than this. A special thanks to our respected Principal Sir, Vanita Mam and the entire Electrical department for imparting me with their knowledge. Last, but not the least thanks to my dear friends and juniors for their selfless support and encouragement."

    Avilekh Ranjan Das

    Service Executive, Tech Support,
    Amazon Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad

    "The experience in RGI was extravagant. The four years journey was memorable. Every moment spent in this Institute was amazing. The faculty members and the staff working here was of great help and supportive whenever needed. During this span of time, I came across a number of friends which is worth mentioning. Our mechanical branch was known for mischievous acts. Our Principal Sir, Dr. B Banerjee is a very friendly person and is also very much keen to help in every possible way. Our training & placement department really worked hard and I am grateful for their outstanding efforts and also to the student coordinators. Both Pahi Mam and Chandrani Mam strive a lot so that we can step into the corporate world and build up a great future."

    Preetisha Bora

    Officer Trainee
    Lava International (P) Ltd., Noida

    "The four years spent in Royal School of Engineering & Technology were the most fruitful years of my life. This college gave me the required exposure to different aspects. The final year was the best of all. Joining the placement team and working with Pahi Mam and Chandrani Mam has been a great experience. I clearly remember the day I landed with my first job. The selection rounds started at around 10 am and it was a day full of excitement and nervousness. Time flew and we were finally waiting for the results to be out. And the best part was that we had Chandrani Mam and Pahi Mam with us who stayed till the end of the day to support us. I just can’t thank them enough.
    Working in Lava International Ltd. has been yet another wonderful journey. I never thought that corporate life could be this interesting. Meeting new people, independence, responsibility and the respect that we get here are few things that we are experiencing at LAVA. I am in this position today because of so many people. A big thank you to Banerjee Sir, my teachers, Mechanical department and all the people in RGI who have directly or indirectly made me the person I am. I send my love and best wishes to my juniors because after a year, they will be facing the same tests that we had faced. May you excel in whichever fields you go and mark RGI on the pages of history."

    Samreipam Vashum

    Management Trainee,
    Logistics Dept.
    Star Cements.

    "Keep Faith and never lose Hope, always believe in yourself.
    The 2 years I spent in Royal School of Business, Royal Group of Institutions, was the best journey of my life time and which would perhaps be my last 2 years of student life. This Business School gave me the right platform to build up a successful career and to learn, nurture my skills to the fullest and moulded me with discipline in the right manner. During these two years, the college gave us the opportunity to meet and interact with renowned personalities all around the world. Moreover, accessing the services like library, computer lab, recreation rooms etc., is done without any exception to us. The faculty members and founders are all supportive, co-operative, encouraging and helped us all a lot throughout this entire period. Their effort has made me learn new skills; maximize my talent thus making me ready to join the corporate world. The support of the faculty members has made me stand where I am today. Now, life has taken over a new turn and a totally new dimension and thanks to the placement cell for inviting the best of companies all over India to our campus for placements. With the grace of God and my family, the blessings of my Faculty members I got selected in Star Cements through our college campus placements and thereby giving me the right opportunity to apply my knowledge that I have gained. I am grateful to our placement cell for giving me this opportunity. Lastly, I would also like to take this opportunity to wish good luck to the coming batches of Royal School of Business and Royal Group of Institutions to shine bright and make the Nation proud and feel our presence. Thank you RGI."

    Gitali Sharma

    Asst. Manager (Operation)
    Axis Bank

    "Royal the name itself presents the glory of the Institution.
    I feel blessed that I am a student of its very first batch. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the founders and faculty members of the organization for always being so supportive and kind to us. Also I would like to congratulate all my juniors because they are at the right place to be groomed to face the competition of the corporate world. After the great success of the first batch, I believe the upcoming MBA batch will set a new benchmark for the coming batches of Royal."