At RGU we make every effort to provide a home away from home by providing hostellers a comfortable stay. Separate in-campus hostels for girls and boys are equipped with adequate facilities which help hostellers to imbibe a different lifestyle which involve them in activities like sports, yoga, music depending on their taste and preferences. Air conditioned hostel having two and three bedded rooms laid out in beautiful clusters offering plenty of buddy time to serve the effervescent mind along with 24 hour electricity, water supply, internet, TV sets, gyms and lifts. Tastefully designed state-of- the-art dinning facility, separate for boys and girls, have been created inside the university campus, equipped with modern hygienic mechanized kitchens offering wholesome and nourishing meals.



Dining Hall


" The hostel is like a 2nd home. Good food
with friends keep your stay here
fresh and memorable"

Nitesh Bishwakarma 3rd Sem, BArch
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