Royal School of Liberal Arts


Dr. Dhiraj Kumar Borkotoky, Assistant Professor & Coordinator
Ph.D. (NEHU), M.A (NEHU), B.A (NEHU), NET Qualified
Publications in Journals: 2
Book chapters contributed: 10
Experience: 9.2 years (academics)
Email ID: dkborkotoky@rgu.ac

Dr. Tabassum Rizvi, Assistant Professor
Ph.D (Gauhati University), M.A (Gauhati University), B.A (Gauhati University)
Publications in Journals: 3 (national)
Email ID:trizvi@rgu.ac

Mr. Kaustav Padmapati, Lecturer
Pursuing Ph.D. (JNU), M.Phil (JNU), MA (D.U.), B.A (D.U.), Advanced Diploma in Academic English Program from IELTS (University of Texas), NET Qualified
Book Chapters: 2
Experience: 3.6 years (research), 5.6 years (industry)
Email ID:kpadmapati@rgu.ac


Mr. Randhir Gogoi, Assistant Professor & Coordinator
Ph.D. (Pursuing), MA (Delhi University), B.A. (Delhi University), NET and SLET
Publications: 1 National, 1 International
Email ID:rgogoi@rgu.ac

Dr. Jahnu Bharadwaj, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (IIT Gandhinagar), M. Phil (University of Hyderabad), M.A. in History (University of Hyderabad), B.A. in History (Gauhati University)
Publications in Journal (Numbers): Articles in International Journals (Scopus Indexed)- 2, Commentary in International Journals (Scopus Indexed)- 2
Book Chapters Contributed:1
Email ID:jbharadwaj@rgu.ac

Dr. Mitali Kalita, Assistant Professor
Ph.D (GU), M.A (GU), B.A (Cotton College, GU), B.Ed (GU), ICHR-JRF
Publications in Journal (Numbers): National: 2
Book Chapters Contributed: 11
Experience: 9 Years (Academics)
Email ID:mkalita1@rgu.ac

Dr. Susmita Hazarika, Assistant Professor
Ph.D (Gauhati University), M.A (NEHU), B.A (Gauhati University), JRF Qualified
Publications in Journals: 1 (national)
Experience: 18 years (academics)
Email ID:shazarika@rgu.ac

Ms. Swaswati Borkataki, Assistant Professor
MA (NEHU), BA (Gauhati University), NET Qualified
Experience: 2 years(Academic), 1 year (industry)
Email ID:sborkataki@rgu.ac

Ms. Tanzim Masud, Lecturer
MA (Delhi University), B.A (Delhi University)
Experience: 11 months (Academics)
Email ID:tmasud@rgu.ac