Prof. B.B. Dam, Honorary Advisor, Royal School of Commerce
Retired Head, Department of Accountancy, Gauhati Commerce College,
M. Com., LL.B.
E-mail ID: bb.dam@rgi.edu.in

Dr. Sudip Chakraborty, Assistant Professor & Dy. Dean i/c
Ph.D. (Assam University), M.Com (Gauhati University), B.Com (NEHU), B.Ed. (Gauhati University)
Publications in Journals: 3 International, 3 National
Experience: 13 years (academics)
E-mail ID: sudip.chakraborty@rgi.edu.in

Mr. Srawan Kumar Goenka, Assistant Professor & Coordinator
M.Com (Dibrugarh Univ.), B.Com (Dibrugarh Univ.)
Experience: 25 years (Academics)
E-mail ID: srawan.goenka@rgi.edu.in

Dr. Tanima Tarafdar, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Gauhati University), M.Com (Gauhati Univ.), B.Com (Gauhati Univ.)
Publications in Journals: 1 International, 1 National
Experience: 9 years (academics)
E-mail ID: tanima.tarafdar@rgi.edu.in

Ms. Aruna Dev Rroy, Assistant Professor
Pursuing Ph.D. (ASTU), M.Com (Gauhati University), PGDHRM , PGDBM, B.Com (Gauhati University), DFM
Publications: 15 International, 6 National
Book chapters published: 2
Experience: 8.3 years (academics)
E-mail ID: aruna.roy@rgi.edu.in

Mr. Bidyut Jyoti Kalita, Assistant Professor
Pursuing Ph.D. (Tezpur University); M.Com. (Gauhati Univ.), PGD in Tourism Management (Tezpur University), B.Com (Gauhati University); SLET Qualified
Publications: 4 National; 1 International
Book chapters contributed: 6

E-mail ID: bjkalita@rgu.ac

Mr. Rajat Bhattacharjee, Assistant Professor
Pursuing Ph.D. (Gauhati University), M.Com (Gauhati University), B.Com (Gauhati University), NET (2012), SLET (2012)
Publications in Journals: 7 International
Experience: 4.6 years (academic)
E-mail ID: r.bhattacharjee@rgi.edu.in

Mr. Rajdeep Nag, Assistant Professor
Pursuing Ph.D (The Assam Royal Global University), M.Com (Gauhati University), B.Com (Gauhati University), SLET (2015)
Publications: 1 National, 1 International
Experience: 14 years (academics)
E-mail ID: rajdeep.nag@rgi.edu.in

Mr. Rikh Roy, Assistant Professor
Pursuing Ph.D (The Assam Royal Global University), M.Com (Gauhati University), B.Com (Gauhati University), NET Qualified
Experience: 6 years (academics), 1 year (industry)
E-mail ID: rikh.roy@rgi.edu.in

Ms. Dikshya Saikia, Lecturer
M.Com. (Management) from Gauhati University, B.Com. (Management) from Gauhati University, NET Qualified
Experience: 1 year (academics), 2 years (others)
E-mail ID: dsaikia@rgu.ac


CA. Kamal Mour
Pursuing Ph.D. (The Assam Royal Global University), B.Com. (H), FCA, DISA (ICAI), DIRM (ICAI)
Certificate Course on Concurrent Audit of Banks of ICAI
Certificate Course on GST of ICAI
Publications: 1 International
Experience: 9.5 years (industry)
E-mail ID: kmour@rgu.ac

Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Jain*
Ph.D. (Gauhati University), M.Com, LL.B, FCA
Registered Member, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India,
Publications in Journals: 2 International, 2 National
Book: 1
Experience: 16 years (academics), 15 years (industry)
E-mail ID: manoj.jain@rgi.edu.in

Dr. Tarak Paul*
Ph.D. (Assam University), M.Phil., PGDFM, M.Com in Accountancy (Dibrugarh University), NET (2013)
Publications in Journals: 13 International, 15 National
Books: 3
Experience: 15 years (academics)
E-mail ID: tarak.paul@rgi.edu.in

Dr. Dipu Nath Sarma
Ph.D. (Gauhati University), M.Sc. (Gauhati University), B.Sc. (Gauhati University)
Publications: 1 National; 1 International
Books: 2
Experience: 29 years (academics)

* Faculty from other schools/departments of The Assam Royal Global University