Royal School of Bio-Sciences

Prof. (Dr.) K.K. Baruah, Professor & Dean
Post Doc. (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow), Ph.D. in Plant Physiology (Punjab Agricultural University), M.Sc. (GU), B.Sc. (Dibrugarh University)
Publications in Journals: 70 International, 30 National
Papers in Conference Proceedings: 19
Books: authored 01, edited 01
Book Chapters: 16
Experience: 39 years
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Dr. Ranjan Dutta Kalita, Assistant Professor, Biotechnology & Coordinator
Ph.D. (Tezpur University), M.Sc. (Tezpur University), B.Sc. (Gauhati University), SLET Qualified
Publications: 4 National, 9 International
Books chapters contributed:1
Experience: 4.5 years (academics), 6.5 years (others)

Dr. Rupesh Kumar, Assistant Professor, Biotechnology
Ph.D. (Tezpur University), M.Sc. (Tezpur University)
Publications: 2 International
Experience: 10 months (academics), 4 months (industry)

Dr. Sthiti Porna Dutta, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry
Ph.D. (NEHU, Shillong), M.Sc. (Annamalai University)
Publications: 1 National, 1 International
Experience: 2 years (academics)
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Dr. Vimal Kumar Sharma, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry
Ph.D. (University of Milan, Italy), M.Sc. (University of Rajasthan)
Publications: 2 National, 8 International
Patents: 01 (International)
Experience: 2 years (academics)
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Dr. Pompee Chanda, Teaching Assistant cum Lab Superintendent
Ph.D. (Visva Bharati University), M.Sc. Biotechnology (Visva Bharati University), B.Sc. Biochemistry (NEHU)
Publications in Journals: 4 International, 1 National
Experience: 7 years (research), 1 year (industry)
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Dr. Debarati Mitra*
Ph.D. (IIT Kharagpur), M.Sc. (Calcutta Univ.), NET, GATE, SLET Qualified
Publications in Journals: 5 International
Experience: 8.5 years (academics)
Research interest: Bio organic chemistry
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Dr. Biswajit Sarma*
Ph.D. (GU), M.Sc. (GU)
Publications in Journals: 2 International, 1 National
Experience: 9 years (academics), 4 years (industry)
Research interest: Natural product chemistry, medicinal chemistry
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* Faculty from other schools/departments of The Assam Royal Global University