Royal School of Bio-Sciences

Prof. (Dr.) Anupam Chatterjee, Professor & Dean
Former Professor & HOD, NEHU Shillong Ph.D. in Genetics (Banaras Hindu University, BHU), M.Sc. in Zoology (Burdwan University, West Bengal)
Publications in Journals: 70
Scientific Reviews: 03
Papers in Conference/Seminars: 5
Contribution to books: 01
Patent: 01
Awards: Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences; International Caner Fellowship; Gray Laboratory/Mount Vernon Hospital Trust Fellowship; American Cancer Society fir Beginning Investigators; International Cancer Fellowship
Experience: 33 years (academics)
Email ID: achatterjee@rgu.ac

Dr. Saranga Ranjan Patgiri, Professor
Ph.D (Gauhati University), M.Sc (Gauhati University), B.Sc (Gauhati University)
Publications in journal: 15 (National)
Books published: 5
Experience: 37 years (Academics), 20 years (Research)
Email ID: srpatgiri@rgu.ac

Dr. Ranjan Dutta Kalita, Associate Professor & HoD,Biotechnology, School Coordinator – RSBSC
Ph.D. (Tezpur University), M.Sc. (Tezpur University), B.Sc. (Gauhati University), SLET Qualified
Publications: 4 National, 9 International
Books chapters contributed:1
Experience: 5.5 years (academics), 6.5 years (others)
Email ID:rdkalita@rgu.ac

Dr. Rupesh Kumar, Assistant Professor, Biotechnology & Coordinator, MLT department, RSMAS
Ph.D. (Tezpur University), M.Sc. (Tezpur University)
Publications: 2 International
Experience: 1 Year 10 months (academics), 4 months (industry)
Email ID:rkumar@rgu.ac

Dr. Sthiti Porna Dutta, Assistant Professor & Coordinator, Bio-chemistry
Ph.D. (NEHU, Shillong), M.Sc. (Annamalai University)
Publications: 1 National, 1 International
Experience: 3 years (academics)
Email ID: spdutta@rgu.ac

Dr. Debajit Borah, Associate Professor
Ph.D (Dibrugarh University), M.Sc. (HNB Garhwal University), B.Sc. (Bangalore University)
Publications in Journals: 37 (international)
Books: 2
Book chapters contributed: 2
Experience: 9 years (academics), 6 years (research)
Email ID:dborah@rgu.ac

Dr. Abani Kumar Patar, Assistant Professor
Ph.D (NEHU), M.Sc. (HNB Garhwal University), B.Sc. (Sikkim Manipal University), NET JRF, GATE Qualified
Publications in Journals: 7 International
Books chapters published: 3
Email ID: akpatar@rgu.ac

Dr. Bhaskarjyoti Gogoi, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Tezpur University), M.Sc. (Tezpur University), B.Sc. (SMU), Bioinformatics (NEILIT), GATE & SLET Qualified
Publications: 2 (national), 17 (international)
Books chapters contributed:1
Experience: 1.5 years(academics) , 8 years (research)
Email ID:bgogoi1@rgu.ac

Dr. Birson Ingti, Assistant Professor
Ph.D (Assam University), M.Sc. (Assam University), B.Sc. (Gauhati University), ICAR NET Qualified
Publications in Journals: 9 (International), 1 (National)
Experience: 11 months (academics)
Email ID: bingti@rgu.ac

Dr. Niraj Singh, Assistant Professor & Coordinator,Micro-biology
Ph.D (Tezpur University), M.Sc. (Tezpur University), B.Sc. (Purvanchal University), NET (JRF), SLET, GATE Qualified
Publications in Journals: 4 (international)
Books: 1
Email ID: n.singh@rgu.ac

Dr. Siddhartha Narayan Borah, Assistant Professor
Ph.D (IASST/ Gauhati University), M.Sc (Gauhati University), B.Sc (Gauhati University) NET qualified
Publications in journal: 12 (International)
Book Chapters Contributed: 3 (International), 1 (National)
Patents: 2 (Indian)
Experience: 8 years (Research)
Email ID: snborah@rgu.ac

Dr. Susmita Paul, Assistant Professor
Ph.D (NEHU), M.Sc. (Bangalore University), B.Sc. (NEHU), BCIL BITP DBT qualified- 2012
Publications in journal: 3 (international), 3 (national)
Experience: 5 years (Research), 1.6 years (Academics)
Email ID: spaul@rgu.ac

Dr. Taranga Jyoti Baruah, Assistant Professor
Ph.D, M.Sc. (NEHU), B.Sc. (NEHU), SLET & NET Qualified
Publications in Journals: 2 (International)
Experience: 6 years (research)
Email ID: tjbaruah@rgu.ac

Ms. Moitreyee Goswami, Assistant Professor,Food-Technology
MSc in Food Processing and Management from Banaras Hindu University,NET qualified
Experience: 1 Years (Academics)
Email ID: mgoswami1@rgu.ac

Ms. Nilakshi Kalita, Assistant Professor,Food-Technology
M.sc in Dietetics and Food Service
Email ID: nkalita@rgu.ac

Ms. Dipanjali Das, Assistant Professor, Food-Technology
MSc. Food Technology (Shoolin University), BSc.Food and Nutrition (TMSU- Baroda)
Experience: 1.2 Years (Industry) 9 Months (Academics)
Email ID: