Prof. (Dr.) S.P. Singh
Former Senior Vice-President, Amity Group and Vice-Chancellor, Amity University, Chhattisgarh
Ph.D. (Lucknow Univ.), MBA in Strategic Management (Lucknow Univ.), M.Sc. in Geology (Lucknow Univ.), L.L.B (Lucknow Univ.), Proficiency in Russian and French (Lucknow Univ.)
NET in Earth Sciences & in Management
Publications in Journals: 10
Experience: 30years

2. Prof. (Dr.) U.R. Dhar, Professor Emeritus
Former Professor, Department of Business Administration, Gauhati University
Ph. D. (IIT Kharagpur), M.Sc. In Mathematics (Gauhati University)
Publications in Journals: 15 International, 12 National
Books: 4
Experience: 49 years (academic), 33 years (research)
E-mail ID:ur.dhar@rgi.edu.in

Ms. Angira Mimani, Associate Professor
MBA in Marketing & Finance (Gauhati University)
Experience: 9 years (Academic), 18 years industry
E-mail ID: angira.mimani@rgi.edu.in

Prof. (Dr.) Mridul Hazarika, Professor Emeritus
PhD. (Dibrugarh University), MSc. (Gauhati University)
Publications in Journals: 34 (Refereed Journals)
Conference papers: 27
Articles in Books/Chapters: 3
Books: 4
Experience: 43 years (Industry, Research & Academic Administration.)
E-mail ID: mhazarika@rgu.ac

Prof. (CA) Manoj Jain, Professor & Dy. Dean
Ph.D. (G.U), M.Com with Accountancy Major ( G.U) , LL.B ( G.U) FCA (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, New Delhi)
Publications in Journals: 3 International, 2 National
Experience: 19 years (Academics), 15 years (Industry)
E-mail ID: manoj.jain@rgi.edu.in


Dr. Payel Chaudhuri, Assistant Professor & Coordinator
Ph.D (KIIT University), MBA in Marketing & Finance (KIIT University), NET Qualified
Publications in Journals: 7
Book Chapters contributed : 4
Experience: 4 years (Academics), 3 years (Industry)
E-mail ID: pchaudhuri@rgu.ac

Dr. Rahul Nandi, Assistant Professor & i/c Dy. Controller of Examination
Ph.D. (Singhania University), MBA in HR & Marketing (UPTU), MTM (Nagaland University)
Publications in Journals: 6 National
Books: 3
Experience: 13 years (Academic), 2 years (Industry)
E-mail ID: rahul.nandi@rgi.edu.in

Dr.Arpee Saikia, Assistant Professor (Royal School of Business) and Coordinator Behavioural Science
Phd( Gauhati University) MBA(HR and Marketing from Tezpur University) NET qualified (HR and Personnel management)
Publications in journals-4 International -2,National -2
Book chapter-1
Experience- 10 years( Academic) Industry -2 years
E-mail ID: arpee.saikia@rgi.edu.in

Ms. Bitopi Gogoi, Assistant Professor
Pursuing Ph.D. (A.S.T.U.), MBA in Marketing & Finance (G.U),NET Qualified
Publications in Journals: 4- International; 1- National
Books chapters : 4
Experience: 11 years (Academic), 1 Year (Industry)
E-mail ID: bitopi.gogoi@rgi.edu.in

Mr. Bipllab Roy, Assistant Professor
Pursuing Ph.D. (D.U), MBA in Operations & Marketing (Tezpur University), B.Tech.(IT), (SMIT); NET Qualified
Publications in Journals: 2 National
Experience:8 years (Academics), 6 months (Industry)
E-mail ID: broy@rgu.ac

Dr. Nandini Borah, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (ASTU), MBA (Tezpur University),NET
Publications in Journals: 5 International, 7 National.
Conference Paper: 14
Articles in Books/Chapters:4
Experience: 6.5 years (Academic)
E-mail ID: nborah@rgu.ac

Ms. Priyam Jajodia, Assistant Professor
M.Com (Dibrugarh University),SLET
Experience: 1 year (Industry.)
E-mail ID: pjajodia@rgu.ac

Ms. Dristi Deka, Assistant Professor
MBA (Gauhati University), NET Qualified
E-mail ID: ddeka@rgu.ac

Mr. Rohit Verma, Assistant Professor
Pursuing Ph.D ( G.U), MBA in International Business (IIFT, New Delhi), B. Tech (ECE) (NIT, Bhopal), NET Qualified
Experience: 5 years (Academic), 7 years (Industry)
E-mail ID: rohit.verma@rgi.edu.in

Ms. Bhaswati Adhikary, Teaching Assistant
MBA (GU), BE-Electrical Engineering (GU)
Publications in Journals: 2 National
Conference papers: 1
E-mail ID: badhikary@rgu.ac

Mr. Binod Kalita, Teaching Assistant
MBA (Dibrugarh University), BE-Chemical Engineering (GU)
Experience: 1.5 years (Industry)
E-mail ID: bkalita@rgu.ac

Mr. Santosh Kumar Anand, Assistant Professor& Assistant Controller of Examination
PhD (Pursuing), MBA in Finance (GGS Indraprastha University, New Delhi),NET Qualified
Publications in Journals: 01
Book chapters contributed: 01
Conference National: 05 International: 03
Experience: 9 years (Academics) 5 years (Industry)
E-mail ID: skanand@rgu.ac

Ms. Neha Tiwari, Teaching Assistant cum Academic Coordinator
M.Com (Gauhati University), B.Com/B.Ed (Gauhati University)
E-mail ID: ntiwari@rgu.ac


CA. Kamal Mour
Pursuing Ph.D. (The Assam Royal Global University), B.Com. (H), FCA, DISA (ICAI), DIRM (ICAI)
Certificate Course on Concurrent Audit of Banks of ICAI
Certificate Course on GST of ICAI
Publications: 1 International
Experience: 9.5 years (industry)
E-mail ID: kmour@rgu.ac

Mr. Juggal Kishore Bhattacharyya*
Ph.D. (Pursuing), MA in Economics
Experience: 14 years (academic)
E-mail ID: jkbhattacharyya@rgu.ac