Royal Global University follows Relative Grading System where, the score is given to a student comparative to the scores of other students. The point values are not directly assigned to a letter grade. This system is considered for continuous assessment of a student’s performance. It builds competitiveness among students to stand out relatively from others. However, the rule of Relative Grading in RGU shall be applicable only if and when the students in a class is more than 30 in number.


Continuous Evaluation

During the semester, students are evaluated by the concerned subject teachers, in form of Class Tests, Viva, Assignments, Project Work, Seminars, etc. It must be mentioned here that the criteria for continuous evaluation may vary from course to course.

Mid-Term Examination

This is a written test conducted in the middle of the semester after completion of 30% to 40% of the course.


Ideally, a student is expected to attend 100% of the classes, but considering various hindrances like illness, accident, etc. a relaxation of maximum 25% is given, which means a student has to maintain an attendance of minimum 75% in each subject.

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