Aaghas-ex-Royalites Reunion

Walking down the corridors of nostalgia-‘Aaghas’-ex-Royalites Reunion, Christmas Jamboree at RGI was a time and event for old relationships to be cherished, celebrated and refreshed and new ones to be formed. New bridges were built as it was time of reflecting, remembering the good old times. Aaghas-ex-Royalites Reunion, Christmas jamboree at Royal Global University was celebrated in grand manner for all ex-students on 25th December 2015.

All alumni were welcomed back to the campus with full fervor, Buddy time followed by horse riding, shooting, archery, fashion show and performances by ‘Vinyl Strings’ and ‘Voodoo Child’-Blue & Country bands which ended with DJ Nite made the day an unforgettable one.

The celebration was graced by more than 350 alumni ranging across various batches from various parts of the country who are now holding positions of responsibility in various Government organizations, PSUs, Private sector, Academic Institutions. Many of them are successful entrepreneurs providing jobs to others as well.

As Food is an important part of any celebration, mouthwatering food throughout the day was served during the celebration and the day even marked the inauguration of a dhaba (roadside restaurant) by RGI just outside the premises. Souvenirs were distributed and the evening ended with a note to meet again next year.

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