Dr. Raginie Duara, Assistant Professor & Coordinator
Ph.D. (University of Leeds), M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology (Christ University, Bangalore), BA (Bangalore Univ.)
Publications in Journals: 5 International
Experience: 10 months (industry)
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Ms. Namrata Sharma, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Pursuing), MA in Psychology (Delhi University) BA (Delhi University)
Publications in Journals: 1(International)
Experience: 9 months
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Ms. Bandita Das, Teaching Assistant
MA in Applied Counselling Psychology (TISS, Mumbai),
BA (Bangalore Univ.)
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Ms. Karabi Das, Faculty
Pursuing Ph.D. (IIT-G), M.A in Econometrics (Gauhati University), BA in Economics (Gauhati University), M.Ed. (Gauhati University), B.Ed. (Gauhati University)
Experience: 16.4 years (academic)

Dr. Monica Chaudhry
Ph.D. in Psychology (Punjab University), MA in Psychology, Silver Medalist (Kurukshetra University), B.Sc. Medical (Kurukshetra University), M.Ed. (Punjab University), B.Ed. (MDU, Rohtak), L.L.B. (Gauhati University)
Publications in Journals: 3
Experience: 17.6 years (academic), 3 years (research)

Ms. Indrani Nandi
MA in Sociology (JNU), BA in Sociology (DU), M.Ed. (GU)
Experience: 04 years (academic)

Ms. Loya Agarwala
MA in Psychology Vinayaka Missions University (Tamil Nadu),PG Diploma in Counselling (Indian Institute of Counselling, New Delhi)
B.Sc (Hons) from Brunel University, West London, UK
Experience: 15 years( Teaching & Counselling)

Prof. (Dr.) Bidula Sarmah
Ph.D. (Ravenshaw Univ.), MA in Sociology (IGNOU), M.Ed. (GU), M.Sc. in Statistics (GU), B.Ed (GU), BA (GU)
Diploma in M.S. Office 97 (ECIL-BDPS)
Experience: 25 years (academic)

Ms. Kuntala Dowarah
Pursuing Ph.D. (TU), MA in Sociology (TU), BA (Dibrugarh Univ.)
Publications in journals: 2

Dr. Jasmine A. Choudhury, Assistant Professor of English
Ph.D. in African-American Literature (Assam University), MA in English (Assam University), BA in English (Assam University)
Publications in Journals: 3 International
Experience: 18 years (academic); 15 years (industry)

Ms. Banani Das Hazarika*
Ph.D. in Women Studies (Pursuing), M.A. in Linguistic (Delhi Univ.), B.Ed. (GU)
Experience: 10 years (academic)
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Mr. Bapan Kalita*
M.Phil, M.Sc. in Mathematics (Gauhati University), B.Sc. (Gauhati University)
Experience: 11 years (academic)
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* Faculty from other schools/departments of The Assam Royal Global University