Proctorial Board

There are certain rules and regulation framed by the university, which are to be followed to maintain the cordial atmosphere in the campus (among the students, faculty members and non-teaching staff). The Proctorial Board headed by the Chief Proctor (disciplinary authority of the Institute) helps students, faculty members and non-teaching staffs from any difficulty and to see that the disciplinary rules are followed properly. Proctorial Board consisting of Chief Proctor and Proctors are conscious and concerned about interests of students, faculty members and non-teaching staff.

Proctorial board 2017:

Chief Proctor

Ms. Vanita Agarwal, Assistant Professor & HOC i/c


1. Ar. Anita P.Y. ,Dean i/c

2. Dr. Rahul Nandi, Assistant Professor

3. Dr. Debarati Mitra, Assistant Professor

4. Dr. Tarak Paul, Assistant Professor

5. Mr. Srawan Goenka, Assistant Professor

6. Mr. Zunaid Ahmed, Assistant Professor & HOD i/c

7. Mr. Ananya R Pathak, Assistant Professor & HOD i/c

8. Mr. Mr. Sivaramakrishnan N, Assistant Professor

9. Mr. Rajat Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor

10. Ar. Praschaya Kaushik, Assistant Professor

11. Mr. N.C.Gogoi, Manager Security & Vigilance

12. Mr. Harmohan Saikia, Warder Boys Hostel

13. Ms. Momata Tamuli , Assistant Warden Girls Hostel

The University Disciplinary Committee consists of the following members.


Chief Proctor

Ms. Vanita Agrawal


1. RGU- Mr. N.C. Gogoi(APS, Rtd DYSP)

2. RSET- Mr. Zunaid Ahmed, Mr. Ananya R Pathak, Mr. Sivaramakrishnan, Dr. Debarati Mitra

3. RSB- Dr. Tarak Paul

4. RSC- Mr. Rajat Bhattacharya

5. RSA- Ar. Anita P.Y., Ar. Praschya Kaushik

6. Hostel- Mr. Srawan Goenka, Mr. Harmohan Saikia, Ms. Momata Tamuli

List of Disciplinary Committee members from each School is as follows:

Sl. No. Name of School/Dept. Name of Members
1 RS Engineering & Technology
Electrical Engineering Mr. Kaushik Jyoti Das Ms. Lalika Deb
Civil Engineering Mr. Yudhajit Dey Mr. Siddharth Karmakar
Mechanical Engineering Mr. Hirak Ranjan Das Mr. Siva RamaKrishnan
Electronics & Communication Engineering Mr. Himadri Sekhar Kalita Mr. Deb Sunder Swami
Computer Science Engineering Ms. Ishita Chakrabarty Mr. Debashish Dev Misra
2 RS of Applied & Pure Sciences Dr. Bimalendu Kalita Mr. Biswajit Sarma
3 RS of Information Technology Ms. Ishita Chakrabarty Mr. Debashish Dev Misra
4 RS of Business Ms.Nandini Borah Ms. Bitopi Gogoi
5 RS of Commerce Mr. Rikh Roy Mr. Rajdeep Nag
6 RS of Architecture Ms. Dwijomala N. Mr. Dhrubojyoti Padun
7 RS of Fashion Design & Technology Ms. Sanghamitra Kalita Ms. Soma
8 RS of Communications & Media Dr. Rupa Das Jona Talukdar
9 RS of Languages Ms. Banani Das Hazarika Ms. Baishali Rajkhowa
10 RS of Behavioural & Allied Sciences (Psychology) Dr. Raginie Duara
11 RS of Fine Arts Dr. Moushumi Deka Dr. Sumanta Datta Choudhury
12 RS of Law & Administration Ms. Rituparna Bhattacharjee Dr. Hiren Ch. Nath
13 Dept. of Economics Ms. Durba Dutta Dr. J. K. Bhattacharya
14 Dept. of Sociology Ms. Veronika Khangchian
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