MPA | Duration: 2 Years

Master Of Performing Arts

Master Of Performing Arts

Programme Overview:

The Master of Performing Arts is a Post- graduate degree awarded in the fields of Dance, Drama, Film and Music. The degree generally requires a minimum of two years of full-time study to complete.


The Master’s degree in performing arts provides in-depth knowledge and understanding of how performing arts have the power to soothe people’s minds in times of distress. The students are encouraged to develop their own project plan and concept and have the opportunity to put their learnings into practice with close professional support and insight from supervisors. Along with creating artistic work in forms of painting and drawing, photography, video and performance, it is a great opportunity for the students to attend various academic lectures, such as art history, art theory/philosophy, and seminars on professional practice.

Learning Facilities:

The university has spacious studios and fully equipped performance spaces, and the opportunity to make and perform work in venues across various places.

Career Opportunities:

It is a very competitive field. A Post Graduate degree course can make one stand in this field. Once a student has completed degree and is sound in skills one can get work in various film industries, ad industries, TV channels and moreover one may establish one’s own school of performing arts. Choreographer, Films & theatre Critic, Script Writer Artistic Director, Rehearsal Director, Dance Critic, Stage Performers, Dance Therapist etc.

Programme Outcome:

A Master’s Degree in Performing Arts will allow students to develop creative skills and further their studies in a more specialist field.

The practical management aspect of the course will also prepare students for the marketing, promotion and self-management aspect of the business which can help to drastically increase chances of success within this notoriously competitive industry. This qualification can lead to a range of careers, including actor, dancer, singer, songwriter, artist manager, impersonator, choreographer, playwright, broadcast presenter, theatre director, stage manager and musician. Graduates can also take on a teaching roles relating to the performing arts fields. After successful completion of a Masters in Performing Arts, students can choose to go for further studies by enrolling on PhD program in Performing Arts.