MFA | Duration: 2 Years

Master of Fine Arts

Programme Overview:

Master of Fine Arts is mainly of an applied or performing nature, with final assessment bringing together what one has learned. The content and presentation of this varies depending on one’s specialization — it could be an exhibition of photography, a dance performance or a completed short film, amongst other possibilities.


Master in Fine Arts (MFA) in any disciplines ensures that concepts and skills acquired at the undergraduate level become tools for building a new level of competence and expertise. A compulsory component of the course is a survey of art history from ancient to contemporary periods of both Indian and Western art. This theoretical foundation is aimed at providing the student an understanding of art in its total context both material and subjective. The students submit a dissertation on a theoretical topic of their choice towards the end of course. The teaching does not presume to concern itself directly with a young artists work. Teachers incite such works and criticize the end products in a spirit of enquiry. Instruction at the School is essentially tutorial and involves a close working relationship between student and teacher, in which the latter encourages the student to make rigorous analysis of his/her work. A unique aspect of this course is the exposure the students get to the work of artists of national and international repute through the visiting faculty programme and workshops.

Learning Facilities:

Advanced Laboratories & Studio, Well-equipped Photography Lab, Computer Lab, Workshops, Animation Studio, & Visual Communication Studio with world class facilities enables the students to learn the latest techniques. The design studios on campus offer ample opportunity to students to experiment and innovate, while the laboratories provide hi-technology work areas covering real-time aspects of the industry, Central library with a huge collection of books and periodicals, Art Gallery & Exhibition Hall, that serves as perfect meeting grounds for exhibitions, academic displays, presentations, and interaction. Various workshops, guest lectures, demonstrations by professionals, industrial visits & study tours are organized from time to time to motivate & enhance the knowledge & exposure of the budding artist.

Career Opportunities:

Candidates who have completed their Masters in Fine Arts can avail career options in various fields such as art studios, advertising companies, publishing houses, product design, manufacturing department, magazines, television, graphic arts, teaching, theater productions and many more.

Programme Outcome:

Students will demonstrate a high-level of ability to propose and complete a publishable, full length work of literature in a primary genre concentration (fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, or scriptwriting). Students will be able to demonstrate critical and analytical skills in the evaluation and interpretation of literary texts. They shall develop a command in respective filed to organize and present material in a cogent fashion; formulate and defend original arguments, employ effectively the language of their discipline, work under time constraints. They are empowered to work as Independent artists, writers, performers, motion picture and video directors, newspapers, periodical book, and directory publishers etc.