B.Tech. + M.Tech. | Duration: 5 Years


Programme Overview:

(B.Tech. + M.Tech.) Programme is a five-year full time programme intended for students who have passed or are appearing for Senior Secondary (Plus Two) examination with Mathematics or equivalent subject. At the end of five years of the program, successful students will be awarded B.Tech and M.Tech. degrees.


The Integrated B.Tech + M.Tech. course has been introduced at Royal School of Engineering &Technology (RSET) with an attempt to empower the students with critical thinking ability, scientific temperament and knowledge in science, engineering, management and humanities. The school focuses on student centric teaching where learning is not a one way communication but is interactive in nature, In order to infuse thinking ability ,the students are given assignments and topics for research that make the students think and eventually enable them to solve critical problems in their future career. RSET provides the students with an inspiring learning environment that enables the students to become good learners, innovative thinkers and excellent researchers. The students of RSET have always excelled in the curriculum & co-curricular activities.

Learning Facilities:

Royal Global University, apart from AC lecture theatres, also provides the following facilities: Computer Lab, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Concrete Technology Lab, Solid Mechanics Lab, Structural Design Lab. Introduction to Computing lab, Object Oriented Programming in C++, Data Structure and Algorithms lab, Operating Systems Lab, Principles of Programming Language Lab, Computer Graphics Lab, Database Management Systems Lab, Data Mining Lab, Computer Networks Lab, Software Engineering Lab, Web Technology Lab. Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory, Electrical Machines Laboratory, Electrical Measurement Laboratory, Microprocessor Laboratory, Digital Electronics Laboratory, Power System Laboratory, Control System Laboratory, Power Electronics Laboratory, Electrical Workshop. Network Theory Lab, Semiconductor Physics and Devices Lab, Electronic Measurement and Measuring Instrument Lab, Digital Electronics Lab, Analog Electronics Lab, Control System Lab, Communication Lab (Analog & Digital), Microprocessor Lab, Power Electronics Lab, Microwave Engineering Lab, VLSI Lab, DSP Lab, Project Lab (LABVIEW, TIVA C, VHDL). Basic Theory of Machines Lab, Dynamics of Machines Lab, Heat Transfer Lab, Hydraulic Machinery Lab, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Metrology Lab, Heat Engine Lab, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab.

Career Opportunities:

Engineering in our ever developing high tech society, offers plenty of job Opportunities, with high salaries and a high rate of professional Satisfaction. A degree in engineering Opens the door to a, world of opportunities. Engineering graduates can take up jobs in Government or Private sectors. Teaching is also another option. Engineers can also work in various MNCs and other organizations operating in their specialized fields of study. Opportunities are available in Power sector, Manufacturing, Robotics, Process design, Automobile, Chemical industries, Computing, Web technologies, Micro electronics, Information system, Instrumentation, Software-hardware integration, Structural, Geo-technical, Hydraulics, Design engineering, Cloud based technologies, IT, Solution developing, Logistics, and many other areas in both private and public sector.

Programme Outcome:

The idea of having an integrated Dual Degree programme phased over a 5-year period seamlessly is aimed at helping students not only save one year but also to gain the knowledge of a post-graduate student and will have a relative edge over the others as far as industry requirements are concerned. By taking up a 5-year integrated programme, one saves time and energy that is involved in taking up tests such as GATE for higher studies (M.Tech.). It not only enhances ones perspectives but paves the way for making him or her, a multi-tasking professional as the programme offers tailor-made industry-specific courses. The programme is intended to help students to make their career choice early and an early start in career goes a long way. Finally, five years of dedicated and determined study in Integrated B.Tech. + M.Tech. programme can get the students a great job with a big payroll, hence giving a safe and secure future.